Russian Business Visa

To travel to Russia, the majority of nationals from other countries need a visa. They should apply for a Russian visa at a Russian Consulate. To apply for a Russia business visa, you are required to present a letter of invitation issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

The Western Gate company is accredited by this Ministry.

Russian business visa is issued for business visitors, who intend to participate in or attend conferences, negotiations, seminars, exhibitions, meet new business patners or visit current business partners.


There are several types of Russian business visas:

— Single-entry

— Double-entry

— Multiple-entry


They can be valid for:

— 1 month

— 3 months

— 6 months

— 12 months


Russian business visa application process:

To apply for a Russian business visa, you need to submit the full package of the required documents to a Russian Consulate in your country of residence. The main document is a letter of invitation.

It takes from 2 weeks to a month to issue a letter of invitation.

Also, please note that visa processing times are different in Russian Consulates and may vary from several days to several weeks due to the following factors:

the type of Russian business visa you have applied for, and

visa processing times set by a certain Russian Consulate

In order to avoid problems, we strongly recommend you to contact a Russian Consulate in your country of residence and obtain the information on:

— the documents required, and

— visa processing times


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